“After being discharged from Indiana Hospital I was admitted to the Communities at Indian Haven for further care and treatment. The people that work there have so much respect for the elderly people. They were pleasant and cheerful and had a smile on their faces at all times. Therapy was also a very pleasant time. I actually looked forward to sharing time with other patients and staff members. If a problem arises with insurances or other business matters, there is a very capable and respectful staff to assist you. If you needed there is a qualified medical staff to aid you. Finally, there is a beautiful courtyard for the patients and their families to enjoy. Entertainment is available such as bingo, line dancing and many different church services. Indian haven is a "community" living up to its reputation of a safe, secure and friendly place in which to reside and get better.”

“During my stay at Indian Haven I have made a lot of new friends. Everyone was caring and professional. All the staff took very good care of me and made me feel at home. The staff cared for me like this every day. Every single employee went the extra mile to make sure that I and the other residents were cared for with dignity and compassion. Nursing was caring and compassionate, while being friendly and fun. The therapy staff was a lot of fun and I returned home in under two weeks from bilateral partial knee replacements! I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful your staff is, they care so much and did so much for me. I will never forget all they did to help get me back on my feet following my surgery. In appreciation.”

"During my rehabilitation stay I appreciated the care and services received by all the staff at The Communities at Indiana Haven. I would recommend this care to anyone in need. This was my second short stay in eight years. Team work does it every time, with extra measures of consideration, compassion, courtesies, and kindness all rolled into one. As I traveled down the "spic and span" halls in my chair was able to look out into the beautiful, lush courtyard with everything in bloom. I am going home with thanks to all."

“I arrived at The Communities at Indian Haven on December 4, 2010 following a severe automobile accident. I cannot express the wonderful treatment that I received from all the disciplines… They cried with me, laughed with me and were all around caring. I would recommended Indian Haven to anyone that needs rehabilitation.. I entered as a stranger and left as a friend. Thanks to all.”

"Five weeks ago, I came to Indian Haven for rehab, after 2 heart attacks and 5 by passes. In this short time, the excellent rehab department has me ready to go home. They push just enough to get you better, but not too much. It is an excellent program. The nursing staff is so caring, considerate, and compassionate, I have never had better care in my life. My own mother couldn't have taken care of me any better. In 5 weeks I don't have any complaints at all. The food is excellent, and comes near the same time every day. I would highly recommend anyone needing any kind of rehab to consider Indian Haven. In my opinion, you couldn't find a better place no matter where you look."

"It looks cold outside and I am sitting in room 108 at 72 degrees. Very comfortable conditions at The Communities at Indiana Haven. I'm here for rehabilitation for a total knee replacement. The room is very nice, clean and smells fresh. The employees here are very nice and very professional. This includes all the RN's, LPN'S, aids and others. Physical and Occupational Therapy went very well. They were very considerate to the fact the therapy can be very painful. My stay here went well and I feel I am ready to go home. I'm glad I took the advice of others that have been here for therapy. It's been a great stay."

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