Indian Have Community


J. R. Derry, 2016

"One word describes my stay at The Communities at Indiana Haven. Good. Staff. Therapy. Food. Cleanliness. Nursing. Administration. You name
it was all very good."

John R. Johnson, January 2016jrjohnson

As I prepare for my departure from Indian Haven in the next few days following my several weeks stay at this facility, I wanted to take an opportunity to share with you some of my reflections and observations of your excellent operation.

First, let me say that everyone with whom I had contact was very personable, warm, cordial, and sincerely caring. I also observed that everyone on the staff, regardless of position, respected everyone else and I sensed no dissension among any staff.

The professional nursing staff and aids with whom I had ongoing contact were superb. They were highly skilled, organized, and again were deeply concerned about my personal well-being and constantly asked if there was anything they could do for me.

I was also keenly aware of the attention to sanitation, cleanliness, and precautions to try to avoid any infections or spreading any bacteria or viruses. This was particularly important to me since I had been warned on numerous occasions by my surgeon that it was important for me to avoid any infections, since that was one of the main problems that patients run into following joint replacement surgery.

Since I was at Indian Haven primarily to receive rehabilitation following my hip replacement, my expectations were exceeded in terms of the quality of the physical therapy that I received. The team of physical therapists and occupational therapists is outstanding. They all work together on the common goal of trying to provide maximum rehabilitation for all the patients with whom they work on a daily basis. It was clear to me the caseload they deal with each day is extremely heavy, but I never heard anyone complain.
Instead, they are all very jovial and interact very positively not only among themselves but with the patients who flow in and out of the rehab center all day long. They certainly were very patient and caring for my needs and challenged me very gently to strengthen my muscles, increase my range of motion and my mobility. That all started on day one with increasing intensity. They know what they are doing.

The meals which I was served in the dining room, were all very good in terms of selection, quality, taste and attention to specific dietary needs, not only for me, but for all the others who are at the facility.

I want to complement you and the whole management team for your sincere interest in each and every resident . You all are constantly striving to make sure that the quality reputation of Indian Haven is maintained by giving personal attention to everyone who is here, regardless of the amount of time a resident at this facility. All of the managers are very accessible and are open to any questions, concerns, suggestions or complaints. It is clear to me that everyone is proud of the total operation at Indian Haven and is constantly striving to make it even better.

John, as a told you in person, I feel privileged to have been able to be here at Indian Haven. I was hopeful that a room would be available when I needed it for my rehab and I am thankful beyond words that you could accommodate my needs.

Thank you for all you do to make a difference in the quality of life for all Indian Haven residents.

Bob LohrBob Lohr, December 2015

"It looks cold outside and I am sitting in room 108 at 72 degrees. Very comfortable conditions at The Communities at Indiana Haven. I'm here for rehabilitation for a total knee replacement. The room is very nice, clean and smells fresh. The employees here are very nice and very professional.
This includes all the RN's, LPN'S, aids and others. Physical and Occupational Therapy went very well. They were very considerate to the fact the therapy can be very painful. My stay here went well and I feel I am ready to go home. I'm glad I took the advice of others that have been here for therapy. It's been a great stay."

Arlene Pennington, December 2015

"Indian Haven is very clean. The staff is extremely helpful and they provide all the help you need. Great food. Therapy put me back on my feet again and I actually enjoyed it. Thanks to all."

Edwardes S. Fabin, December 2015

"I wish to thank all the personnel at the Communities at Indian Haven. The administrators, the nurses, the therapist, the housekeepers and maintenance workers. They were all extremely supportive and they could have not been
more caring. Thank you again and I would like to wish all of you a Merry
and Blessed Christmas Season."

Thelma SchurrThelma Pauline Schurr, December 2015

"To the Communities at Indian Haven. I am giving a heartfelt "Thank You"
for the tender, professional, and respectful care given to me by the entire staff and administration during my short stay for physical and speech therapies. This has been a learning experience for me and I will definitely give the Home a rating of 10!"

Helen Joyce, November 2015

"Thanks for everything. If I am ever in need of a skilled facility it will certainly be The Communities at Indian Haven."

Helen Bost, October 2015

"Last year my mother came to The Communities at Indian Haven and they treated her so well. Both the therapy and nursing staff provided such good care that she was back home taking care of herself in 20 days. So when I needed to have a hip replaced my mind was set on coming here. I have not once been disappointed in my choice. The nursing staff is always kind and friendly and the therapy staff is the best. I was ready to go home in two weeks. Thank you every one. P.S. the food and coffee was good also. "

Melinda Ault, October 2015

"Need a place to go for some therapy and excellent care while you are healing? I recommend The Communities at Indian Haven! The staff is very caring and they try to make your stay a great experience. My therapists Cara and Sherri were fantastic. They worked with me every day to help build up the strength in my right leg and arm. So if you are looking for some place that is a home away from home, for you or a loved one, I recommend the Communities at Indian Haven, 1675 Saltsburg Avenue, Indiana, PA 15701,
724-465-3900 or check on the web at "

harold ThomaHarold Thomas, October 2015

"In a few hours I will have returned to my home after a stay at Indian Haven. This facility was selected because of their excellent rating.
Rooms are spacious, the décor is pleasing, cleanliness prevails. Offensive odors are conspicuous by their absence. The care takers go about their duties in a professional, caring manner. They are always ready with a kind word of encouragement for the resident. The therapy department is well staffed and their patient improvement ratio is a credit to their skills and efforts. There is no place like home but the Indian Haven staff do all in their power to provide a homely atmosphere. My current stay included several treatments for several serious medical conditions and therapy to restore bodily strength and function. Fortunately there have been improvements in all areas and I am sufficiently improved to return home."Fortunately there have been improvements in all areas and I am sufficiently improved to return home."

jack yard Jack Yard, October 2015

5 weeks ago, I came to Indian Haven for rehab, after 2 heart attacks and 5 by passes. In this short time, the excellent rehab department has me ready to go home. They push just enough to get you better, but not too much. It is an excellent program. The nursing staff is so caring, considerate, and compassionate, I have never had better care in my life. My own mother couldn't have taken care of me any better. In 5 weeks I don't have any complaints at all. The food is excellent, and comes near the same time every day. I would highly recommend anyone needing any kind of rehab to consider Indian Haven. In my opinion, you couldn't find a better place no matter where you look.

Richard ZelenskyRichard Zelensky, September 2015

"The nursing staff is made up of highly trained professionals, providing excellence in quality care and treatment, in a loving, caring manor.

Excellent in house certified therapy for strengthening and returning patients to home activities. A variety of planned daily activities to exercise the mind and to encourage participation from all residents. The facility is nicely decorated with spacious rooms that are kept very clean.

Home tasty meals are prepared in the on-site kitchen with a choice to suite different tastes."

Mary RashMary Rash, September 2015

My stay at Indian Haven, recovering from a knee replacement, was a very good experience. The care and attention from staff, including nurses, physical and occupational therapist, aids and food staff was greatly appreciated. It's a pleasant and nice place to be when one cannot be at home."

Helen BenderHelen Bender, September 2015

"Loved Indian Haven. Great food, nursing, therapy and all around wonderful service. Hope I never have to return but will tell all about my great experience."

Viola Gett, September 2015

"So glad I made the choice to come to the Communities at Indian Haven.
Great staff, nursing, therapy and great food. Hoping not to have to come back, but would pick this place again. Thank you."

Richard Wyatt, September 2015

" I was around the area when the Communities at Indian Haven was it was being built. Still a great place and I will tell about the great staff."

Bob Ginter, September 2015

"Many thanks to the AWESOME staff for the care I received during my stay and rehabilitation at The Communities at Indian Haven."

Donald RolandDonald Roland, August 2015

"Really found this facility to be outstanding. Therapy really got me going and made it possible to return to my home."

Reverend Jim Ellsmore, July 2015

"Words seem so inadequate to express the heartfelt thanks and appreciation I have for the folks at The Communities at Indian haven. They are truly serving and have served so well to my needs as I was a patient there. Thank you all for your care, kindness and love you all gave to me during my stay.

I am leaving, but not forgetting all you have done for me. God Bless."

Ruth Davis, July 2015

"I have been very satisfied with my stay at The Communities at Indian Haven.
The staff is just great, they treated me so well. I would not have been able to come home without the great therapy staff."

Elaine CawleyElaine L. Cawley, July 2015

"For the first time in my life, I found myself in a Nursing Home due to a bad fall. I am very glad I chose The Communities at Indian Haven because my Physical and Occupational therapist were the best. When I came here I could not stand or walk. After two weeks I was able to walk alone without a cane or walker. The meals were tastefully prepared and were very healthy. My room was lovely and comfortable. The nurses were kind, helpful and always available. I definitely would recommend The Communities at Indian Haven to
anyone looking for excellent care."

Linda NicholsLinda Nichols, June 2015

"The nursing staff and all the other employees at Indian Haven made my stay very enjoyable. I will miss all of you. God Bless and keep healthy."

James CrawleyJames Cawley, May 2015

"Therapy and Nursing were the best. Thanks for all the assistance in getting me back home."

John HintonJohn Hinton, May 2015

"I want to sincerely thank you for the wonderful care and friendship shown
to me while a resident for the second time at Indian Haven. Indian Haven
is # 1 when it comes to all stages of family care and concerns.. Thank you
for everything."

Mary EdwardsMary Edwards, April 2015

"Indian Haven is such a nice facility to do rehabilitation in. Pleasant people and a great Therapy Staff. They could have not been more accommodating! I am so lucky to have Indian Haven available to me and to receive the wonderful care and rehabilitation they provided to me.

Many Thanks to all!

Aletha KirklandAletha Kirkland, April 2015

"I am very grateful for the help in my recovery from a recent triple bypass. I do not have enough words to praise all the staff at The Communities at Indian Haven. Everyone was so kind and went out of their way to make me comfortable. I have made many friends here. I would return here should I need help in the future."

Ted ZernickTed Zernick, March 2015

"I was treated very well. I plan on telling others of the great care I received. The Communities at Indian Haven is the only place to go.

Management is very up front about all care. I want to especially thank
therapy for treating me so well. They help in keeping your spirits up.
They are really good. Thanks for everything"

Robert DerryRobert Derry, March 2015

"To all my friends at The Communities at Indian Haven. I have been so very pleased with my stay here. All the people have been so very helpful and pleasant. Thank you so very much."


Rocceil ShultzRoceil Shultz, March 2015

"I have been to The Communities at Indian Haven many times in the past three to four years and have always been treated so well. Thanks for all the great care and attention. Hoping I do not need you again but if I do I'll call."


joan ruraJoan Rura, March 2015

"My name is Joan Rura. I had my hip replaced, then transferred to The Communities at Indian Haven for therapy. I have visited other nursing homes in the past to see friends and relatives. These other homes did not come close to Indian Haven. The staff and aids have been wonderful and caring.

Management is so geared to how you are treated. I would recommend Indian Haven to anyone, if they need rehabilitation or long term care. Thank you John Bradley and all who work here for the great job taking care of me."

Flory StupicFlory Stupic, February 2015

"give The Communities at Indian Haven a 100 percent in all areas.
Excellent nursing and tremendous therapy staff. Everyone cares about the people rehabbing there. Thank you."

Angeline TerlionAngeline Terlion, February 2015

"Loved it her. Never wanted to leave. Great therapy, nursing and the food was not bad either. Thanks to all of you that may my stay so enjoyable."

Mike RugolskyMike Rugolsky, 2014

Big Help.
Big Care.
Big Hearts.
Could not have made it without all of you. What a special place. Thank
you so much and God bless.

PPatricia Gazdaatricia Gazda, 2014

"I met many wonderful people at the Communities at Indian Haven. The staff includes the nurses, LPN's, Therapist, housekeeping and I was treated like a
human being and felt loved by all.

Ruth PodbielskiRuth Podbielski, January 2015

"I was admitted to Indian Haven for therapy after being discharged from the hospital. My experience with all therapists was positive. I needed to gain strength and they provided a series of exercises that I diligently worked on and will continue at home. The caregivers were professional, attentive, and caring. Thanks to John Bradley for also accommodating my needs. I am grateful for my care at Indian Haven."


Bonnie DoudBonnie Douds November 2014

"I spent two weeks at The Communities at Indian Haven after having a total knee replacement. Everyone here is so friendly and helpful. Dietary, maintenance and housekeeping do a great job. There is a large variety of activities that help make the stay more enjoyable.

The Nursing staff is fantastic. They were very attentive to my needs and concerns. They always esponded with a smile.

The Therapy staff is phenomenal. Their encouragement kept me going and made me want to do better very day. Thanks Jamie and Cara. I couldn't have done it without you.

I recommend the Communities at Indian Haven to anyone looking for a skilled nursing facility."

Thanks for everything

Paula J. McGurie, October 2014

"From the time of my arrival at The Communities of Indian Haven in September, till my departure on October 30, everything has been A-1. The administration, nursing staff, food service, activities, maintenance and housekeeping, have all been very accommodating and gracious. Above all, my therapist and the seven day therapy instruction and activity have proven that mobility and wellness are a priority for all those having specialized needs. Willingness to follow exercises and directions can be very rewarding.

I appreciated all you do and everyone's caring. Thank you so much to John Bradley and Mrs. Cobaugh and all.

Peggy ShankPeggy Shank, September 2014

"I was very well pleased with my stay at Indian Haven. I would not have been able to recuperate as well as I did if I had not gone to Indian Haven.
I was very well pleased with the physical therapy and occupational therapy that I received. Special thanks to Sherry and Eric and the rest of the staff. Also thanks to the nurses and the special care I received. Kamie and Claudia did a fantastic job as nurse aides in taking great care of my personal needs. The food was very good. I liked having the main meal at lunch time. I was glad I went to Indian Haven and I was very well pleased.

I would refer Indian Haven to anyone who gets a knee replacement. Special thanks to you and all your help."

Joan LukehartJoan Lukehart, September 2014

"I had a very pleasant stay at Indian Haven. Everyone was so nice and helpful. I would recommend staying her to anyone that needs rehabilitation.


Betty Loy Snyder, July 2014

"Thank you for the wonderful care I received during my stay here. My room was very nice and the meals were great. The nursing was wonderful as were the Physical and Occupational Therapists. They got me on my feet and ready to return home quickly. I even got a haircut and my nails manicured at the Beauty Shop. Thanks Brenda. I would recommend this facility to anyone."


Amanda Long, July 2014

"When I arrived at The Communities at Indian Haven Lyme Disease had left me very weak and very depressed. Walking and basic things like writing and feeding myself was an effort. The moment I entered the building I could feel compassion and caring. During my stay here I have made many friends and with the help of the therapy staff I am walking out to go home to be with my children. I am using a cane but just for stability. I want to thank everyone here for helping me feel confident in the fact that when I get home I will be able to care for my family. Word cannot express what that means to me. None of it would have been possible without the nursing and other staff who have been the BEST!!!!!!!

Harry Jones, July 2014

"Great place. Will certainly come back if ever necessary. Thanks for all
the help and good times.

Barbara Baraniak, June 2014

"My stay at Indian Haven has been wonderful. Beginning with transport from Indiana Hospital to Indian Haven, it has been an excellent experience.

Staff at Indian Haven are VERY caring and attentive to all your needs. The nurses took such good care of my wishes. Assistance was provided for showers, meals, etc. as needed. When it came time to get a walker to assist me in my walking (knee replacement) once I was leaving their facility, the walker was ordered and delivered within a few hours. The Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy departments set attainable goals for you, but they also push you to do a "little" more than you thought you could accomplish.

PT was especially important to me, and I was not disappointed! Without a good start to your physical therapy program, range of motion can be a problem. Sherri and her staff were excellent!"

Thanks to everyone at Indian Haven!!!

Georgienne Cribbs, May 2014

Thanks to everyone at The Communities at Indian Haven. My therapy was intense, but that is what I expected. The entire therapy staff was so caring, they made me sweat and I made them laugh! If I have to get my other knee done I will come back to T C. A. I. H.

P. S. The new showers are great. All I had to do was ask and I had a shower every day.

Sam Mariskanish, May 2014

"Nursing...Good. Therapy...Good. Food...Good. Housekeeping...Good. No make them all EXCELLENT!!!!

Thanks to everyone. Loved Indian Haven."

Joanne Altman, May 2014

"I found everything and everyone at The Communities at Indian Haven excellent. Great place to rehab. Will miss the personal care I received from everyone."

Wynne "Jane" Jacoby, May 2014

"During my rehabilitation stay I appreciated the care and services received by all the staff at The Communities at Indiana Haven. I would recommend this care to anyone in need. This was my second short stay in eight years.

Team work does it every time, with extra measures of consideration, compassion, courtesies, and kindness all rolled into one. As I traveled down the "spic and span" halls in my chair was able to look out into the beautiful, lush courtyard with everything in bloom. I am going home with thanks to all."

Rita Bennett, May 2014

"To all the staff at The Communities at Indian Haven. I want to say a big thank you for the wonderful care that was given to me during my stay at there. Also thank you for listening to my woes and complaints. I will miss our good times of laughter and talks. Thanks again.


Emma Sesock, April 2014

"All I can say about the nursing staff, rehabilitation staff, the cooking staff and the housekeeping staff is..GREAT JOB"

Ruth Johnson, April 2014

"Thank you for the very good care I received here. Everything was very good and very well done.therapy, food, and friendship."


Rhoda Aikins, April 2014

"Nursing staff Indian Haven. Great. Therapy staff at Indian Haven.
Great. Food at Indian Haven. Great, Great, Great. Thank you to all who made my stay so good."


Gladys Miller, March 2014

"The Communities at Indian Haven is the best place in Indiana. I will be your best PR person there is. The staff is simply awesome."

Barbara (Bobbie) St. Clair, March 2014

“As I get ready to be picked up to go home, I think back to the day I arrived, February 26, 2014.  I was unable to get out of the car and into the wheelchair without a lot of  help. 

What a change since my arrival.  When I came I could not get out of bed without help or go to the bathroom alone.  The workers in therapy and the nursing staff changed all that.  The staff makes you feel as though you are their first priority even though they have many other residents to take care of.  They are always there to help.    

The therapist have worked miracles with me.  I came in unable to walk, but because of them I am going home without a wheelchair.  They have a great sense of humor even though at times you think you can never go through another session. 

Thanks to the entire facility for helping me to regain enough strength that I can go home.”


Joan Wright, March 2014

Great care given to everyone every time. Everyone matters at The Communities at Indian Haven. I will go there when I need that level of care in the future.

Irene Ray, March 2014

"It would be impossible to thank all the wonderful people Indian Haven.
From the staff in the office, therapy, nursing and the kitchen, all were so kind. Thank you to everyone that has worked with me since I've been here.
I am going home a new woman. I will tell everyone that The Communities at Indian Haven is the best place in Indiana."

Dolores Forsha, March 2014

This is the fourth or fifth time I have been at Indian Haven and I wouldn't go anywhere else. Everyone is very friendly and all you have to do is ask and they will accommodate you if possible. The people in therapy are well trained and help to get you back on your feet. I am 86 years old and can do anything because of their help. The nurses and aides are very helpful and very good to the residents. I have been her for two weeks and will be going home due to this great care.

Susan Potthast, February 2014

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the excellent care I received at Indiana Haven..It was a God send !

My speedy recovery from knee replacement surgery was facilitated through
the expertise of a top notch and highly qualified staff, with an added
loving & caring touch.

The facility is beautiful, clean, comfortable & cozy-- truly a home away
from home.

George Little, February 2014

"This was my second visit to The Communities at Indian Haven and they have even gotten better. They were able to work around a water issue the day prior to my discharge and they did a great job. Thank you Indian Haven."



Mae McCartney, February 2014

"The Communities at Indian Haven is a wonderful place to recover. The Nursing staff is compassionate and caring as is the therapy staff. John is great at putting the right people together as roommates. Finally, the food was fantastic."



Margaret Allen, January 2014

"Due to recent hip surgery and an infected incision I have been a resident at the Communities at Indian Haven for two months. I cannot say enough good things about the excellent skilled care I received at this skilled facility.

From the nursing staff, occupational therapy, physical therapy, administrative staff and housekeeping all worked diligently to assist me in my recovery. Everyone went the extra mile to make my stay pleasant and productive. I would be remiss if I failed to mention the excellent services of Brenda Gray, the beautician whose untiring services to the residents have done much to bolster their morale. To all of the above I offer my heartfelt gratitude for all they have don't to bring me to the place that I can return home strong enough to finish my recovery. Thanks to all of you."

Dolores De Gruttola, January 2014

"I have had several stays at The Communities at Indian Haven in recent years and have always received top notch care. Thanks you for all the good you do for the people of this area."



Dorothy Gabelli, January 2014

"The staff at The Communities at Indian Haven are to be considered angels.
The Care was wonderful and I would not hesitate recommending it to all.
Thank you for your great care."



Michal Jones-Stewart. December 2013

"After having my hip replaced I came to Indian Haven for the rehab portion of my recovery. While I was familiar with the facility, having had family members here in the past, I didn't fully appreciate the depth of commitment to the patient/resident well being and comfort the facility achieves."

"There is a distinct "team" effort to this commitment and is shared by the entire staff at Indian Haven whether it is administration, nursing, rehab or "room service". No one comes into or leaves your room without asking if there is "anything more I can do for you", and you have the sense that they are treating you as if you were one of their loved ones. No request is too small to assure your needs are fully met at all levels. Combined with the bright, sunny, individually climate controlled rooms, and comfortable furniture I couldn't have chosen a better place for my post operative care."

Earl Lantzy, December 2013

"I have been here before when I needed skilled nursing care, I am her now and I will come back again if necessary. Great place, with many compassionate, caring staff members. Thanks again."



Audrey Rothwell, December 2013

"I recently had a stay at The Communities at Indian Haven because of a fall.
I found this skill care facility an excellent place to return to a normal health. Because I'm alert, I have been able to talk and kid with everyone.
I love different personalities and this place has many. Nursing, aides, recreational, cleaning staff and others are all competent and friendly.

Special kudos to the occupational and physical therapy staff. What a fun time for me as I was challenged to "get moving." Not that I want to fall again or have other skilled nursing needs, but I would certainly come back here to recover. Thanks to everyone.

Mary Carney, December 2013

"Coming to the Communities at Indian Haven was an easy decision for me. I was already aware of the services that I would receive. My stay was made a week shorter than anticipated because the therapy staff was truly proficient in providing the necessary treatment I needed for me leg and also for the rest of my body to recover. Because of their efficiency, I am going home ready to take control of my life.

The nursing services were well trained for processing my medication needs and on a timely basis. The aides were also pleasant to be around and provided assistance with a smile.

The food services provided, all in all, was well addressed considering all the different people that needed to be attended to, with a variety of diets.

Would I come back to the Communities at Indian Haven if the need ever came again? "You Betcha!"

Margaret Scheeren, November 2013

"Indian Haven has certainly been the right place for me as I recovered from surgery. I found the nurses and aides were quick to respond when I rang "the bell." No matter how busy they were, they responded quickly. They are a very special group of people and I depended on them daily. I noticed the housekeeping staff kept the halls and room spotless. The floors shine!

The therapy department helped me do what I thought I could not do. What a blessing they are to us all! I was pleased to find a beauty shop for men and women. Surprising as it seems, a member of the administrative staff stopped in often "just to see how things were going." Thanks to everyone that helped me during this stay."

Dorothy George, November 2013

"I thank God for giving us people the knowledge to help us when we break, and provide places like The Communities at Indian Haven to help us.

Everyone is helpful and caring. This is my second stay here and I would recommend it to everyone."


Paul Bell II, November 15, 2013

“I just want to express my sincere appreciation to all the staff that met all my needs as quickly and comfortably as possible during my two week rehabilitation stay.  The nurses and other associated staff were just wonderful.  They were polite, friendly and helpful and a huge asset in getting me past the physical issues that brought me to Indiana Haven.  The food was also great.  Finally, the Physical and Occupational therapies were in a word, suburb.  They worked me hard and I grumbled a great deal, but I quickly saw an improvement.  Without them I would never be where I am today ready to walk out of Indian Haven and go HOME.    Thank you to everyone at Indian Haven.  Your assistance was excellent and highly recommended."

Stanford Webb, Jr., November 2013

"I would like to thank each and everyone at The Communities at Indian Haven (from the nurses, therapist, administration and custodial staff) for the excellent treatment and care I received during my stay. I appreciate all of your hard work you put into my care. I will recommend this facility to anyone in need of a great rehabilitation home. Indian Haven has met and exceeded my expectation! Again, Thanks so much!"


Jane Serafin, November 2013

"Great place. Great staff. All the care you need to get back home."


Patricia Buckshaw, November 2013

"Wonderful care from a great team. You get treated the way you deserve.
Love the place."


Gladys Rodgers, November 2013

"Wonderful care from the entire staff. This was my second visit and will recommend The Haven to all"


Glenn Simms, October 2013

"The helplessness one feels following hip replacement surgery is frightening. You have to depend on people you don't know for the smallest, most intimate needs. You can't help wondering; "When I really need them, when I call them, will they come?" After six days in the Communities at Indian Haven, I can assure anyone who asks that the answer to that question is a resounding "Yes!" There is a sign on the wall of one of the entrances to the facility that reads "Enter as strangers, leave as friends." During my stay the entire staff at Indian Haven did their best to make that statement a reality."


Joan Schmitt, October 2013

Testimonial: Recommendations of friends convinced me to re-hab at the Communities at Indian Haven following total hip replacement performed at Shadyside.

Needless to say those recommendations were substantiated during my month's stay at Communities at Indian Haven. The nursing staff was phenomenal in dealing with my care. Respectful and responsive to every need. Always willing to make sure your well being was their priority.

Jamie and Jim in therapy made re-hab fun as well as productive. If you put forth the effort, you reaped the rewards toward a speedier recovery.

Attention to detail also impressed me -- daily cleaning of rooms and halls, as well as prompt repairs as needed.
In essence, I would definitely recommend this facility for short term re-hab. When my other hip needs replacement I will definitely return to the Communities at Indian Haven.

Shirley Chase, October 2013

"The Communities at Indian Haven is the best place to come to heal and to get therapy"


Peggy Leppley-Herman, September 2013

I arrived at Indian Haven three weeks ago after twelve days in the Rehab Care Center of the IRMC following hip revision surgery. My goals were to gain strength and confidence so I could return to my relatively independent lifestyle. The therapy staff strongly supported my goals and focused me on achieving them. My therapist even worked with me on getting into and out of my car. I hope to soon be driving to my favorite restaurants to have lunch with friends. The friendly and compassionate care of the nursing staff is well-known in the community and is one of the reasons I chose Indian Haven for my post-perative care and rehab. My family and I are very grateful to Indian Haven for the wonderful care I received there.

Elanor Robinson, August 2013

"I feel The Communities at Indian Haven has provided me with great care over the last month. Therapy, dietary and nursing were great. Thank you to The Communities at Indian Haven."



Guido Bartolini - August 2013

"The Communities at Indian Haven has been my home three times for the past year. Each time I was rehabilitated and was released in much better condition that when I was admitted. Thanks to the great staff at The Communities at Indian Haven."



Emma HayEmma Hay - March 2013

"Thank you for all the great care I received during my stay at Indian Haven.
It was a great experience."




Joan BrattonJoan Bratton - March 2013

"I have been to The Communities at Indian Haven many times and have always had a great experience. I would recommend it to everyone"



Denise DoughteryDenise Daugherty -February 2013

"After a nasty fall on the ice, I needed rehabilitation for multiple fractures. The Communities at Indian Haven was highly recommended. I've my entire professional career in the field of rehabilitation and I was very pleased with my care. The rehab staff's plan of care helped me return home quickly. Indian Haven's staff was very responsive tome deeds."

I would recommend The Communities at Indian haven for anyone who Is in need of rehabilitation. The staff is very caring and professional."

Patricia BuckshawPatricia Buckshaw - February 2013

"Great rehabilitation, great people, great place !!!"


Nancy SmithNancy Smith - February, 2013

"When I came here my legs and arms felt like noodles. Not I can walk again and am going home. Thanks so much."


Harold Irvin - September 2012

What a great place to recover from illness or surgery. The rehab staff is wonderful and caring. If needed I will return again. I really did not want to return home.


Marion Cassaday - September 2012

After being discharged from Indiana Hospital I was admitted to the Communities at Indian Haven for further care and treatment. The people that work there have so much respect for the elderly people. They were pleasant and cheerful and had a smile on their faces at all times.

Therapy was also a very pleasant time. I actually looked forward to sharing time with other patients and staff members.

If a problem arises with insurances or other business matters, there is a very capable and respectful staff to assist you. If you needed there is a qualified medical staff to aid you.

Finally, there is a beautiful courtyard for the patients and their families to enjoy. Entertainment is available such as bingo, line dancing and many different church services. Indian haven is a "community" living up to its reputation of a safe, secure and friendly place in which to reside and get better.

Duff DuffyHarold "Duff" Duffy - July 2012
“The treatment from the staff was fantastic. Very professional, yet fun to work with. Thanks to all."



Mildred BashMildred Bash - July 2012
"A wonderful place with wonderful people, they made a difference in my life and I got to go home"



Eugene Lockard -  April 2012

I want to thank Indian Haven for the wonderful care they gave me in bringing me back to health again. I would highly recommend Indian Haven to anyone. I will pray and ask God to bless all the people working there. Simply put Heaven on Earth.


Earl LantzyEarl Lantzy - March 2012

“To all staff at Indian Haven-Thank You for making my three month stay a pleasant experience. All the employees made my stay very enjoyable and worthwhile. I will always remember you as my life moves on.”


Theresa Carcelli - March 2012

“Everyone treated me very well, the nursing staff was great. Rehabilitation staff is the top of the line. Indian Haven is clean and comfortable ant the food was good and healthy.


Jim Renz -  March 2012

“Wonderful staff, very professional. Could not have gone home without the experts at The Communities at Indian Haven.”


Verda Meekins - May 2011

“I was at Indian Haven for two months for therapy.  I want to thank everyone for the wonderful care they gave me.  Everyone was so nice to me.  It is a beautiful rehabilitation center and is so clean.  The food was so good and plenty of it.  They have lots of activities to every day.  They also made my family feel welcome anytime of the day.”



Chris Silvis - May 2011

“I had a hip replacement at IRMC and I made the choice to go to The Communities at Indian Haven.  They took wonderful care of me as they did with my mother many years ago.  I was not disappointed at all.  The staff was skilled and caring.  I was there just under two weeks.  I never saw anything but smiles on the faces of the staff. Including therapies.  Therapy helped me regain my strength and abilities I needed to go home.  A great big heart felt thanks to everyone involved in my care.  You are the best.”

Helen Burkett - May 2011

“I had a wonderful stay.  Great therapy and good meals.  It was my second stay at The Communities at Indian Haven.”


Linda Carnahan - May 2011

“God bless each and every one of the folks hers at Indian haven.  I have not ever been treated with such love and respect and dignity at any facility.  This has been my own private Tah Mahal.  If by the grace of God anything happens to me, let me spend my last days here.  The beauty, cleanliness, and constant attrition to care goes beyond anything I can say.  If there are angles on earth, they work at The Comminutes at Indian Haven.  Thank you for helping me mentally as well as physically.  God bless all of you”

Betty Christy - May 2011

“When thinking of your life did you ever think you might spend a chunk of it in a Skilled Nursing Facility?  Well I did not, but when that was what was needed I was so fortunate to be at The Communities at Indian haven.  It has been nothing but GREAT CARE.  I want to thank all of the staff for the wonderful and kind attention and care. 


Mildred Bash - May 2011

“I will recommend The Communities at Indian Haven to everyone.  GREAT CARE.  Thanks for all the assistance in getting better.”


Gary Leonard - May 2011

“During my stay at Indian Haven I have made a lot of new friends. Everyone was caring and professional. All the staff took very good care of me and made me feel at home.

The staff cared for me like this every day. Every single employee went the extra mile to make sure that I and the other residents were cared for with dignity and compassion.  Nursing was caring and compassionate, while being friendly and fun.  The therapy staff was a lot of fun and I returned home in under two weeks from bilateral partial knee replacements!   

I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful your staff is, they care so much and did so much for me. I will never forget all they did to help get me back on my feet following my surgery.

In appreciation.”

Wanda Vetter - May 2011

“The Communities at Indian Haven saved my life!  After a sudden illness that put me in UPMC Presbyterian ICU for 4 weeks and I arrived at Indiana Haven in need of total assistance.  I could not move my arms or legs.  19 days later, due to the nursing staff and the Wonderful PT/OT staff I am walking out on my own (and my trusty cane,)  There are not enough works to express my appreciation.”

Norma Campbell - April 2011

“Thanks so much for all you have done for me.  Everyone was great!  Thank again and  I would recommend The Communities at Indian Haven to everyone.”



Perina Brett - April 2011

“The staff was wonderful and very concerned about my feelings.  I would recommend The Communities Indian Haven to everyone that needs therapy. Weekend activities were the best.  Thanks Kami.”



Cecelia Zeisler - April 2011

“One month ago today I broke my hip and today I am going home.  The therapist make getting better fun.  Thank you to all the wonderful staff.  I will miss you.”



Barbara Bish - March 2011

“Many thanks for your great services.  All departments were wonderful.  I would advise The Communities at Indian Haven to all my friends and relatives.”



Priscilla Coury - March 2011

“Thanks to the wonderful staff my care was outstanding.  The staff was never too busy to take care of your needs.  I would recommend The Communities at Indian Haven to all people that need rehabilitation services.”



Maxine and Neal Barr - March 2011

“Our stay at Indian Haven was wonderful.  Thank you for all you did for us while we were in your care.  The staff was so caring and thoughtful.  Therapy was outstanding for both of us.  Indian Haven is a great place to recuperate and to live if necessary.  Again out thanks and God bless.



Margaret Whitfield - February 2011

"This was my second stay at The Communities at Indian Haven and again they were great.  Good, nursing, therapy, and food.  What more could I ask for."



Eleanor Hill - February 2011
"I was treated so well.  Therapy made getting better fun and worked so well.  Thank you for all the great assistance."
Irene Ray - Feburary 2011

“I have been in The Communities at Indian Haven for two weeks and have been treated like family.  I would like to thank the staff from the front to the back, from Administration to the housekeeping staff and to everyone who has touched my life and made an impact on me.  Everyone seems to do everything with compassion.  I see more happiness here than anywhere I have been.  Everyone is so nice and magnificent – you are not just a number but a person.  I have also made so many friends with the patients and now am leaving here with more friends and healthier than when I came, and that is why I would be the best PR person you have ever had!  The therapy department was excellent.  They are on a scale from 1 – 10, far above the highest.  My stay has been delightful.  Everyone has been just wonderful to me, very efficient and professional.  Thanks to John Bradley who talked me in coming here. Debbie Davidson-she is awesome. Jim and Jamie and everyone in therapy were fantastic.”

Linda Reynolds - Feburay 2011

"I loved my stay at the Communities at Indian Haven.  Along with the great caring attitude of the staff, the place is beautiful.  The therapist made my rehabilitation fun and turned what I thought would be a bad experience into a great one.  Great job.  My thanks to all."



Vieva Nastase - February 2011

"I thank al that assisted me in getting better.  The place is just great.  Friendly and caring attitude.  Thanks again for the great care."



Cheryl Smith - February 2011

“I arrived at The Communities at Indian Haven on December 4, 2010 following a severe automobile accident.  I cannot express the wonderful treatment that I received from all the disciplines… They cried with me, laughed with me and were all around caring.  I would recommended Indian Haven to anyone that needs rehabilitation.. I entered as a stranger and left as a friend. Thanks to all.”


Doris Shaffer - February 2011

Thanks to the Communities at Indian Haven and to their staff for being so good to me.  I was able to recuperate quickly.  Everyone treated me so well.  

Irene Gmys - January 2011

"I just want to thank the Communities at Indian Haven for their help, kindness and the healing of my hip following hip replacement surgery. The therapy department was outstanding”



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